Sayless Lifestyle® co-founders Trenten and Eddie Scott

Today's social-media generation is marked by people who are falsely enamored with themselves. Too often is the case where people spend countless hours and energy on Instagram or TikTok portraying a false reality of "success" to the world, without putting any substantial action into making their own lives what they ultimately want it to be.

In a culture that emphasizes boasting of your own achievements, the Sayless Lifestyle was born out of a necessity to remind ourselves that the best way to achieve true success is to do more and “sayless.” Founded by collegiate basketball players, Trenten and Eddie Scott, Sayless Lifestyle aims to remind people of this truth and motivate them through clothing, social media, and other avenues. As Trenten and Eddie pursue their vision, their goal is to show the world that by adopting the Sayless Lifestyle, every goal imaginable is truly attainable.

"What does it mean to live the Sayless Lifestyle," you may ask. The Sayless Lifestyle is established on the premise of not talking about what you want, but "being" what you want. Less talk and more action is our maxim. To live the Sayless Lifestyle means to recognize that success is not achieved by telling people what you will do, but instead it is achieved by consistent actions that will move you towards your goal.

Sayless Lifestyle seeks to push this message to the world through the means of clothing and social media. At our core, we are a athletic/streetwear clothing brand. Clothing is a powerful tool that allows people to express themselves boldly and authentically without having to say a word themselves. So our clothing is designed to create a community between all those who are passionate about hard work, motivation, and purpose, and allow them to express that passion with bold, fashionable apparel. But with the Lifestyle we want our generation to adopt, we would be unwise to not tap into the immense power that lies within the reach of social media. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are by far the easiest and most efficient ways to push a powerful message in today's times, so our social media channels are crafted with the intent of motivating and inspiring our audience to achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose on a daily basis.

As we push our message to the world, we are seeking to influence others on a global scale to live above average. We will consistently and continually remind our generation that it's OK to live life to a higher degree which others may not understand. Just let the results of your life do the talking, and sayless.

It's more than just clothing. It's A Lifestyle.