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About | Sayless Lifestyle®


Work in silence.

Let your results do the talking.


The Sayless Lifestyle® Clothing Brand was born in 2020 out of the necessity to remind ourselves that the best way to achieve true success is to Do More and Sayless.


As high school basketball players back in 2016, we used to train hard every single day with the goal of playing at the college level.


While we were on this journey, a common word that we would always say to each other was "Sayless."


"Are we going to the gym today?"



"We've got one more set until we're done."



"Let's dominate in tomorrow's game."



We took a simple word and made it into our mantra for success.


We didn't need to tell anybody how good we were.

We just showed it on the court.


We didn't need to post ourselves putting in work at the gym.

We just let our game do the talking for us.


Since this word basically became our way of life, of course we had to put it on a shirt...

and thus the first Sayless Lifestyle® tee was born.


This one word eventually brought us all the way through high school and helped us to achieve our goal of becoming college basketball players. 


During this time, we would always think about making these shirts available for sale. But with school, basketball, and a bunch of other things going on, we decided not to...


And then 2020 came.


The pandemic gave us a lot of free time to re-think the idea and really take the steps necessary to get the ball rolling.


When we first opened for business in March 2020, all we had was a logo, a shirt, and a passion to spread our message to the world.


Fast forward years later, seeing the progression of the brand has truly been unreal. From gaining hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, to shipping out thousands of orders a month, every single day of running this brand shows us how powerful this simple word can be in motivating people in all walks of life to take action on their dreams and fulfill their purpose.


We are grateful for where we've came from, but we know that we're just getting started and that the best is yet to come.


Always remember that when you work in silence, the results will have absolutely no other choice but to do the talking for you.


By living the Sayless Lifestyle, every goal imaginable is truly attainable.


Welcome to the Sayless Lifestyle®...

- Eddie & Trenten Scott, co-founders of Sayless Lifestyle®