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    Sayless Lifestyle co-founders Trenten & Eddie Scott

    The Sayless Lifestyle® was born out of the necessity to remind ourselves that the best way to achieve true success is to Do More and Sayless.As high school basketball players, we were motivated by our definite goal to earn college scholarships and compete at the highest level.Working and growing every day to achieve that goal, there was one word that brought us together...Sayless.We didn't need to talk about how good we were.We didn't need to tell anybody about the work we were putting in.If we worked in silence, we knew our results would do the talking for us.And that's exactly what happened.We achieved our goals, and more, all because we did more and said less.This "Sayless" mentality was so impactful for us, that we knew we had to share it with the world.During the pandemic of March 2020 is when we took action and turned Sayless Lifestyle® into an official brand movement.And the rest is history.40M+ views and 500K+ followers later, and the message of the Sayless Lifestyle has impacted more people then we could have ever imagined.Now we want to bring everyone together into the world's #1 motivational community... to change more lives with the Sayless Lifestyle message.Everyone has dreams, goals, and aspirations.But only those who Do More and Sayless can turn those dreams into reality.Let's work.- Trenten & Eddie Scott, cofounders of Sayless Lifestyle®

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